Senator Susan Collins cast 7,000th consecutive vote

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WASHINGTON D.C. (WABI) - A big milestone for Senator Susan Collins Tuesday. She cast her 7,000th consecutive vote.

We're told Collins is the third senator in United States history to do so.

She joins former Wisconsin Senator William Proxmire and Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley.

She was thanked by many of her friends and colleagues on the Senate floor.

Collins said, "The embodiment of how seriously I take the responsibilities with which I've been entrusted by the people of Maine. Voting is a Senator's most solemn responsibility and I feel strongly about making sure that my state is represented on each and every rollcall vote."

Senator Angus King said, "To you have made 7,000 consecutive votes is an extraordinary achievement particularly given the logistics of this place, the logistics of getting back-and-forth to Maine. She and I travel back-and-forth to Maine frequently together. But, to have achieved this is really something remarkable in the annals of the U.S. Senate."

Senator Collins's Office tells us former Maine Senator Margaret Chase Smith cast almost 3,000 consecutive votes.

They said surgery is the reason why she missed one.