Senator King weighs in on Kavanaugh confirmation

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) A confirmation hearing is underway for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Democratic lawmakers are protesting the Trump Administration's decision to withhold documents from Kavanaugh's time serving President George W. Bush.

Some Republicans argue the documents should not be released due to the confidential nature of his work.

We spoke with Senator Angus King about the issue.

He says, "I am very concerned that they are not releasing all of his documents. He was in the White House for a number of years, a lot of emails and documents. I think that is relevant. This is one of the most important votes than any of us will take. This is a 30 year vote. Before you even get to what kind of judge will be, to me it's about process and being open with the American people. I am skeptical. I haven't made a final decision. I am going to do that after I finish my homework, my reading, and after I meet him and talk to him and see him in the hearing. I am taking this about as seriously as I can because it's so important to the country."

King says he's planning to meet face-to-face with Kavanaugh in the coming weeks.