Senator Collins tours Fiberight in Hampden

Published: Sep. 3, 2019 at 1:11 PM EDT
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Now that it's running, Hampden's new recycling facility hosted Senator Susan Collins for a tour Tuesday morning.

Fiberight opened earlier this year and now takes in the trash and recycling material from more than 100 communities.

Collins told reporters she was extremely impressed with the plant and expects more state's to follow Maine's lead and open similar operations.

"I was so impressed with the plant that I saw," said Collins. "The recycling process here is truly next generation, state of the art and more sophisticated than any recycling plant that I've ever seen."

"You view this abstract concept of, what do we do with our trash? And then you come here and you see all of the various things that are going on, all of the things that we do that can be converted into elements of value and recycle and recover it with this new approach," said Fiberight CEO Craig Stuart-Paul. "I think she was as impressed as everyone else who walks through that door to see what we actually do."

Senator Collins credits the business for bringing good paying jobs to the area.

She says among the 50 current employees are former workers from the shuttered mills in Bucksport and Ashland.