Group of Mainers who oppose Senator Collins throw rally in Bangor

Published: Jul. 12, 2020 at 2:53 PM EDT
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Dozens gathered at Pierce Memorial Park today in Bangor to show their disapproval of Senator Susan Collins by throwing a "retirement party."

Those in attendance suggesting that they believe she will lose in her upcoming election in November.

Organizers for the event say they are not happy with how she has represented the state and say she has lacked work in many of the state's smaller communities.

"Susan Collins has failed to live up to the promise of being an independent moderate bipartisan senator. It's a communications con and Mainers have bought it for far too long. And we're here to make sure that she never represents us again," said Marie Follayttar with Mainers for Accountable Leadership.

We reached out to Senator Susan Collins's office for a statement regarding the event.

They said, "Senator Collins' invitation must have been lost in the mail. Instead, she spent today working on plans to provide additional assistance to help Maine's cities, towns, school, and small businesses and their workers that have been negatively affected by the pandemic."