Senator Collins on friendship with President Bush

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WABI) - The nation continues to mourn the passing of former President George Herbert Walker Bush.

Image Source: US Navy / Jason Winn / MGN

Thursday a special funeral train carrying his casket in Texas made its way to College Station.

That's where he'll be buried this evening during a private service at his presidential library.

We spoke to Senator Susan Collins about the events of this week.

"It was so moving to attend both the arrival ceremony here in the rotunda of the capital and the funeral, the lovely memorial service at the national cathedral. President Bush was a great American and a terrific president and I think history is going to treat him very kindly. But, from my personal perspective, I'm so grateful for friendship that I had with both President and Mrs. Bush. And, I will really treasure their friendship always in my heart and I will miss them dearly. They were, they adored the state of Maine and President Bush was just determined to spend his last summer on Earth in the great state of Maine."