Senator Angus King concerned with Sessions ousting, hopeful of bipartisanship with new split chamber

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OAKLAND, Maine (WABI) - Senator Angus King says he has concerns about what's to come with Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigning from his post Wednesday.

He says Congress should pass a bill that protects the Mueller investigation.

"I'm concerned about it because it appears that this is an effort to somehow curtail or derail the Mueller investigation, and I don't really understand the President's motivation," says King. "He says very forcefully that he's innocent, that nothing untoward happened during the campaign. If that's the case, he should want the investigation to conclude because it'll clear his name. If he somehow tries to terminate it prematurely, it'll raise questions that will follow him into the 2020 election."

King also says that he's worried about some of the statements the Acting Attorney General, Sessions' replacement, has made in the past about the investigation.

When Senator Angus King returns to Congress, the chambers will be split after Democrats took back the House Tuesday.

King says the government will act like our Founders intended, as a system of checks and balances.

He also hopes Congress doesn't go into gridlock.

"My desire is to find things we can work with together, and I think we can," says King. "There'll be some big issues that will divide the Congress on partisan grounds, but there'll be a lot of other things, I think, that we'll be able to do cooperatively if everybody puts the armor aside and says, 'Let's talk and listen to each other.'"

There are three issues King says that could see bipartisan support -- opioids, economic development, and health care.