Senator Angus King Likely to Vote 'No' on Trump's Tax Plan

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Senator Angus King says he's likely to vote 'no' on President Trump's tax plan.

He says it would hurt Mainers.

"One of the main problems is the corporate tax cuts and the tax cuts for higher income people are going to permanent, the tax cuts for ordinary folks in Maine and elsewhere are temporary. That I don't think is right and it's a missed opportunity. And also they're talking about getting rid of the deduction that many people in Maine use for paying their state and local taxes, and if you knock that out that's going to hurt Mainers. The study I read recently was pretty much everybody under $75,000 a year is likely over time to see a tax increase from this bill not a tax cut. That's why I'm likely, unless it changes dramatically over the next couple of weeks, I'm likely to vote 'no' because I want to go back to the drawing board and do it right," said King, (I) Maine.

Republican leaders have vowed to get a tax bill to the president's desk by the end of the year.