Sen. King shares thoughts on government shutdown

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WASHINGTON D.C. (WABI) - U-S Senators will vote on two plans aimed at ending the government shutdown Thursday, one designed by the president and one from democratic leaders.

Neither is expected to pass.

TV5's Washington correspondent Kyle Midura asked Maine Senator Angus King about the President's pitch, and how congress can move forward:

Sen. King: There are two problems. One, it is in the middle of a shutdown. We shouldn't be using a shutdown as a power grab to try to end run the normal congressional process. My concern is if the President gets what he wants out of this shutdown, it will become the go-to technique whenever there is something else he wants that Congress does not want to give him. The other problem with what he put on the table is it has buried within it some other major immigration changes particularity in regard to alyssum; which are changes in federal law, which are debatable, which we should talk about, but that wasn't part of this whole discussion.

I give the President credit for putting something on the table, but my belief is we ought to end the shutdown, then enter into good-faith negotiations. I'm in favor of border security, and there may even be place where the wall makes sense, but I want a more comprehensive law enforcement based decision.

KM: How much longer can this already historically long shutdown last, and given the wall comes out to about $40 per tax payer and a relatively small portion of the budget, is this really an issue that is worth fighting about at the expense of government workers?

Sen. King: Well, number one it isn't, we should not be having a shutdown, I mean this is ridiculous. The way out I think is for my Republican colleagues to finally say our constituents are being hurt by this. We re going to move to reopen the government, then we are going to move to work with our colleagues and the White House to find a practical solution to this bill.