Sen. King latest on impeachment

Published: Jan. 28, 2020 at 2:04 PM EST
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Senator Angus King says he disagrees with the President's councils opening statements and their classification of what justifies an abuse of power.

We spoke with King Tuesday morning.

He talked about how he worked to stay attentive during the long sessions by taking notes.

He also talked about the possibility of witnesses being called to testify.

"Yesterday morning I answered that question with a strong affirmative," said the Senator. "After last night, I'm not so sure. I talked to my colleagues and they seem to be linking arms saying we don't want to do this. they worry it will go too long. We are talking about something as serious as this and worry that it will go too long. I don't know how that vote is going to come out. I don't understand how anybody - after learning what John Bolton is going to say - could say no we don't need to hear witnesses."