Sen. Collins talks about the costs of prescription drugs

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WASHINGTON D.C. (WAGM) - Senator Susan Collins is doing her part to spread the word to her colleagues in Washington D.C about the high costs of prescription drugs.

Susan Collins, United States Senator from Maine, Photo Date: Undated / Photo: US Senate / (MGN)

Last week she and a democratic Senator from Pennsylvania spearheaded two different hearings on the issue.

The first hearing included testimony from patients who struggle to afford life sustaining medications, one of those patients being a Mainer.

The second hearing examined policies that can help make prescription drugs more affordable and accessible.

Collins believes the drug pricing structure is opaque and says it needs to be transparent in order for everyone to understand the supply chain.

She says it's important to shine a light on this problem.

"90 percent of seniors are likely to take prescription drugs at any one time. So our older population in Maine and Maine is the oldest state in the nation by median age is particularly affected by the high cost of prescription drugs," said Collins.

Collins spoke on the Senate floor Monday as well, to urge her colleagues to support the Biologic Patent Transparency Act.

She introduced the bill last week to help block the harmful patent strategies that prevent lower-cost generics from coming to market.