87-year-old artist creates "life-like" art by combining sculpture and watercolors

EUSTIS, Maine. (WABI) - Artist, Hugh Verrier, said, "It's something that I guess you're born with. I always say, everyone could do this, but I guess not. "

87-year-old, Hugh Verrier, has been a dedicated artist for several decades now. But, that wasn't always the case.

"I was a dredge captain, I was in tug boating, I even was a commercial fisherman.”

Once he retired, his passion for art evolved. Now, he owns Birds in Flight Gallery in Eustis.

"I always was a watercolor artist, sculptor. I started fooling around cutting out pieces and eventually got to the point where I started doing birds and things dimensional."

Starting with a drawing and a little help from the internet, his creations start to come alive.

"I never could find the things I wanted, and then along comes Google. You type in common loon, you got 200 photographs to work from, and so it's great. I work with very heavy paper. I can cut it with a knife, and then I dip it in boiling water, and then I take it out and bend it and it hardens into the shape that I've bent it to."

Verrier says the process takes several days, and when it's finished, the artwork can be mounted on the wall.

"You can bend the bird to the angle that you like, facing towards the light, whatever you want. So it becomes more third dimensional, it creates shadows."

Hugh said he will continue to soar to new heights until he can't anymore.

"Seems like I'm the only one doing this, and it's been a great avenue for me, I love it."

Maine Craft Weekend is at the Caanan Farmers Hall on Main Street. It's Friday and Saturday.

For more information about the Birds in Flight Gallery visit their website at http://www.birds-in-flight.com/

For further details on Maine Craft Weekend, head to https://mainecraftweekend.org/