See Blaine Marston get million dollar lottery check

HALLOWELL, Maine (WABI) - What would it feel like to start the new year as a new millionaire?

Blaine Marston of Passadumkeag can tell you.

We spoke to Powerball's first winner of 2020 yesterday about winning a million dollars.

It happened during a special contest right after the ball dropped in Times Square in NYC on New Year's Eve.

Friday we were there when Maine State Lottery officials handed him the check.

Marston credits his family for all of his success in life and says he knew he was going to win the money and use it to help his family.

Marston runs group homes at the non-profit Sweetser for folks with developmental disabilities.

So, will he quit his job now that he's a millionaire?

"That's the biggest question everyone's asked me, including my consumers at Sweetser, my staff at Sweetser, they've asked me if I was going to quit, and I was like, 'no, no, no!' I entered the field because I love people, I'm going to continue to do that," said Marston.

Marston says when his brother jumped on stage and picked him up he knew he'd won.

He says he plans to also donate some of the money and invest the rest.