Searsport couple celebrates five years as owners of Coastal Cafe

SEARSPORT, Maine (WABI) - "We understand and appreciate each other's skill sets." says Celine Kelley of her husband, Patrick. "I don't try and stir his pot and he doesn't try and shuffle my papers.”

Patrick and Celine Kelley have learned how to live and work together. They’ve moved around a lot, running a surf hotel down in Mexico and living in Seattle before finally settling in Searsport. This week marks five years as the owners of Coastal Café and Bakery.

“Kind of my childhood dream." says Patrick. "She's kind of along for the ride.”

Patrick has been cooking for 21 years, working in restaurants and refining his skill.

“When we first opened the place we said that I wouldn't serve anything that my great grandmother wouldn't recognize.”

Slowly but surely, they built the business up.

“I waited every table for the first four years.” says Celine.

“And I cooked every plate for the first three or four years.” Patrick adds.

As they hired staff and outgrew the space, they found an opportunity in the building next door.

“We spent last year remodeling and making the space fit our needs and moved over last fall and here we are.”

The couple are expecting their first child by the end of the month and say Searsport is the perfect place to raise a family.

“They just adopted us and they really treat us like we belong here. We're here for good. This is our retirement plan. This is our life. This is our daughter’s well-being. We're here to be a part of the community. That's why we came here and that's why we're gonna stay here.”