Searsport boy makes ornaments, uses profits to give back

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 6:01 PM EST
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A Searsport boy is very busy this time of year making ornaments.

But these aren't just for his family's tree. They have a special purpose.

Owen Bell, said, "I think I saw it on a commercial, like something like it, so I had my picture locked in my head and then I was like making it in my head before I actually made it."

Owen Bell loves to create things. In fact, this 12-year-old artist says he's been making things for as long as he can remember. It was four years ago when he decided to make these ornaments from clothespin parts, glue, paint and glitter.

Owen's mom, Katelyn, explained, "He made these and it was around Christmas time." Katelyn says that's when her son got an idea to use the ornaments to help other kids.

"It's been our tradition to get one of the tags and then we'd go get a present and donate it. We've done it since my oldest son, who is 17 now, was a baby."

Owen decided he could sell his ornaments and buy presents for other kids. He started with a goal of 10 presents the first year, but quickly surpassed it and ended up with more than a hundred.

"It makes me kind of feel happy that people are actually kind of helping to help other kids," Owen explained.

"Through the sales of his handmade ornaments Owen was able to purchase all these toys and he's still going."

You may have seen Owen selling his ornaments at the free craft fair at the Bangor Mall on Veterans Day weekend. Over the years he's bought more than 300 presents for kids in need. Owen even stays up late on Black Friday so he could buy more presents for other kids. He says he does it so other kids can feel the same happiness he does on Christmas morning.

"I remember me waking up and being all happy and in my mind, I'm like, 'these other kids are probably waking up and having the best time,' Owen explained.

Owen has 100 presents so far this year and he's still selling.

You can find out how to purchase an ornament on the Owen's Snowflakes facebook page.