SeDoMoCha Music Teacher Named Maine Teacher of the Year

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DOVER-FOXCROFT, Maine (WABI) SeDoMoCha Elementary School held a surprise assembly for all of the faculty and staff. The reason? To name music teacher Kaitlin Young Maine’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.

“Honored and humbled,” said Young when asked how she felt. “This is an incredible recognition that I couldn't wait to share with my students and my community. It's been a long whirlwind of a journey.”

Young is graduate of the University of Maine and has been teaching in at RSU 68 for the last 7 years. Colleagues say her love of her students make her a perfect candidate for Maine’s best educator.

“Her passion for arts education but also just the education field in general, I mean, it comes from every ounce in her being and her energy is just infectious,” said Principal Julie Kimball.

“I love to be able to experience those "ah-ha" moments and to bring kids together and for them to see each other as something more than just a number or a grade,” said Young.

As teacher of the year, Young will travel throughout the country to work alongside other educators and learn new ways to prepare students for higher education and life after school.

“I'm really excited to share and learn and I think what education is about is asking questions. And I'm looking forward to be able to meet other educators from across our state, ask lots of questions, continue the conversation around public education and the wonderful things that are happening.”

At the assembly, Young thanked everyone at SeDoMoCha for their support. She says being able to share the day with her colleagues and students makes the day that much sweeter.

“I wouldn't be standing here if it wasn't for every single person in that room and I just was so overwhelmed to see them all there and have them be just as excited as I am because they've made this possible.”