Science with Dr. Bob: Ocean Absorbs Heat like a Sponge

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This is a third installment of Science with Dr. Bob regarding greenhouse gasses and global warming. In today's experiment, Bob is showing up how ocean absorbs heat like a sponge.

Last time he was here we talked about ocean acidification.

As CO2 is added to the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels, it adds heat and causes several changes. Eighty to 90% of that heat is added to the oceans.

The ability for something to hold heat is known as heat capacity. Water's heat capacity is 1000 times great than air causing excess heat to go to the ocean.

The Gulf of Maine is heating faster than 99% of the rest of the ocean. This excess heat causes changes to marine life. Lobsters migrate north, Krill reproduce less frequently and corals are weakened.

The warmer the oceans, the stronger year round storms will be. Water expands as it absorbs heat which explains rising ocean waters.

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