Science with Dr. Bob: How Do Greenhouse Gases Warm the Earth?

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BAR HARBOR, Maine (WABI)- We are back with another experiment with Dr. Bob Morris from the MDI Biological Lab in Bar Harbor.

Today's experiment we are talking about how greenhouse gases warm the earth.

The atmosphere is a mixture of gases but is 99% Nitrogen and Oxygen. Less than 0.04% is Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

CO2 traps heat produced by the sun and keeps Earth's temperature just right for life. This makes CO2 a greenhouse gas.

While the sun heats the Earth with energy that passes through CO2, the Earth is re-radiating energy that is trapped by CO2. More CO2 means more energy being trapped which causes the Earth's temperature to rise.

There has been a sudden rate of change in CO2 levels in the atmosphere. While levels of CO2 changes frequently, the huge rise in levels is not normal.

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