School buses all over the state are preparing for kids' safety

OLD TOWN, Maine (WABI) - Bus lines all over the state are preparing their buses and drivers for the upcoming school year.

Cyr Bus Lines in Old Town is busy getting their over 200 buses in working order to get kids to school safely.

But it's not just the responsibility of the buses to keep kids safe.

"Vehicles are supposed to treat us like a traffic light. Except when our yellow lights come on that means we're about ready to stop. The other motorists have to understand that children don't pay attention, the minute they see it's their bus, they're going to run for it," said Cyr's School Bus Coordinator David Cosenze.

A lot of preparation goes into the children's safety, but remaining focused at the wheel is the most important thing you can contribute.

"Just slow down, that's honestly the best thing to do. You don't know if kids are going to be crossing at any point so slow down. Be aware of your surroundings. Our main goal is the safety of the students," said Orono Police Officer Courtney James.

"Our drivers are going to be very careful about where we drop them off. We try not, we try to set the routes up so the child doesn't have to cross the road. Unfortunately sometimes we just can't do it in all the cases," said Cosenze.

Staying off your phone or device can help you remain aware of your surroundings.

Maine's new law against distracted driving takes effect September 19th.

"There's no phones, there's no phone calls, no touching your phone at all. So get your Bluetooth going. Get prepared for that, whatever you have to do," said James.