School Board Considers Harvest Break

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AROOSTOOK COUNTY, Maine (WAGM) - The future of harvest break for MSAD 1 lies in the hands of the school board.

This week they held their second workshop to discuss the topic. Right now Superintendent Brian Carpenter says they are looking at three options, but those aren't sitting well with everyone on the board.

Brian Carpenter - MSAD #1 Superintendent: "Right now we're looking at a vote whether it's yes or no or some compromise vote of the board as which way harvest break will go for sad 1 now and in the future."

Brandon Roope - School board member & former farmer: "If I was going to make a change we'd go to a two week harvest, it would coincide with Caribou, wouldn't interrupt anybody we'd all be together, the kids could stay an extra week out to make up before or after to help harvest, it wouldn't be the impact of having kids out of school for three weeks and then having them catch up."

This week the board was presented with a proposal that would have school continue for students who do not participate in harvest. For the students who do work harvest, they would be able to do so without penalty and with additional academic support from the high school to get caught up on the time they miss. The board will make its final vote at next week's meeting on Wednesday, February 14th.