Rockland Firefighters remember those who sacrificed their lives on September 11th, 2001

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ROCKLAND, Maine (WABI) Folks in Rockland honored the fallen with a 9/11 tribute Wednesday morning.

The Rockland Fire Department holds the annual ceremony to remember the lives lost and highlight the hundreds of first responders who died saving others.

A 9/11 memorial with steel from one of the Twin Towers stands outside Rockland's Fire Department.

Firefighters tell us the it's extra meaningful for them to hold this ceremony for their brothers and sisters who died in the line of duty.

Fire Chief Chris Whytock said, "There's a phrase in the fire service that says 'we will never forget.' And I think we take that seriously. And that's why we do it. It was such a huge loss that day -- for the world as a whole, but for the fire service especially. To lose that many members in one event is just mind blowing."

The chief says they plan to continue holding the ceremony every year on this day.