Rockland Church Group Has Been Hosting Shrove Tuesday Pancake Lunch For Decades

ROCKLAND, Maine (WABI) - The Episcopal Church Women and a few fellas, too, have been hosting a Shrove Tuesday Pancake Luncheon for decades.

"I've done this between 50 and 60 years. I've done pancake luncheon, I started when they started doing it," says Gloria Young, the president of the St. Peter's Episcopal Church Women Group.

Young says the group looks forward to brining out the pancakes, maple syrup, sausage and sherbet every year.

"It's just a really wonderful thing we do every year. Always rewarding. To see all the smiling faces and the people that we've seen for years," says Vicki Haskell, a member and volunteer.

Besides being delicious, there's a significance to serving pancakes on the day before Lent.

"On the Anglican side, it was pancakes. It was a way to use up the butter, apparently they used to always have whiskey in them and congac. Those were the days! But the point is to use up the richness for the days of austerity ahead," says Lael Sorensen, Rector of St. Peter's.

The event is also a fundraiser for the church and other organizations and a way for friends to spend an afternoon catching up.

"The people of this community, not just at St. Peter's, but of this community really see this site as a real center. It's great to be a downtown church to draw on everybody who is here, the business people, the local workers. This is a place where people can gather and I'm just thrilled, really thrilled that we can do that and that we seek to do that," says Sorensen.

It even brings friends from other churches.

"We're all just different rooms at the same house and it's good, it's good to kind of come to the different rooms and see each other and support each other or alter the same ministry and this is a wonderful thing to say come on over and we always love to come over and send everybody over and support," says Peter Jenks, Reverend of St. John Baptist Episcopal Church of Thomaston.