Robotic lawnmowers becoming more common

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UNITY, Maine (WABI) - Robotic vacuums have become commonplace in many homes.

Now robotic lawnmowers are on the scene.

Chase Toys in unity sells Husqvarna automowers.

The small robots charge themselves at a base station and quietly mow a predetermined area on a set schedule.

Several store employees say they use an automower at home and the store uses one both as a showpiece and to keep the lawn trimmed.

Josh Miville works at Chase Toys in sales. He says that while the little robots aren’t for everyone, they can be a real time-saver. They use the store’s automower as a real life demonstration.

"People can see it pretty much every day. we have it run every day for both display purposes and to mow. so people can see it in action and then we can go out and show them how it works, answer any questions they got right there instead of seeing it on a display they can see it in person mowing."

Several brands sell automowers ranging in price from a thousand dollars to three thousand