Robert Hansley Found Guilty of 2015 Bangor Murder

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - A second man has been found guilty in a 2015 deadly shooting at a Center Street apartment in Bangor.

29-year-old Robert Hansley of New York faces 25 years to life in prison for murder and up to 30 years in prison for elevated aggravated assault.

His co-defendant, Thomas Ferguson, was convicted of the same charges by a judge in June.

Defense Attorney Hunter Tzovarras says, "We're disappointed that the jury saw it the way they did. Particularly that there was an eyewitness who saw Mr. Ferguson firing the shots."

Bud Ellis, Assistant Attorney General says, "We're extremely gratified. It's been a long slog. We've had two trials now. Two co-defendants. We obviously felt they were both guilty and we think the evidence was quite compelling against both of them and we feel justice has been served with this verdict."

According to police, on November 27th, 2015 at around three in the morning, Hansley and Ferguson fired multiple gunshots at two men in a Center Street apartment in Bangor.

One man, 38-year-old Robert Kennedy, was killed and a second man, Barry Jenkins, suffered six gunshot wounds but ultimately survived, testifying as an eyewitness in both trials.

Tzovarras says, "I think the jury probably put a lot of weight into the surviving victim's testimony and that must have been what they based their verdict on."

Ellis says, "From our point of view, we felt, of course, the testimony of the surviving victim was extremely crucial. He survived being shot six times and quite obviously had some very important things to say."

Ferguson will be sentenced on December 28th. We're told a prior attempted murder charge will weigh heavily on the State's recommendation.

A sentencing date has not been scheduled for Hansley, but his attorney tells us Hansley will appeal the verdict after sentencing.

Tzovarras says, "Mr. Hansley is obviously disappointed that the jury found it the way they did as he has maintained all along that he wasn't the one doing the shooting."