Riders Participate In 45th Annual Dysart's Snowmobile-Ride In

Published: Feb. 3, 2018 at 6:21 PM EST
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A group of snowmobile riders started their weekend with an Annual Ride in to benefit Pine Tree Camp.

Alyssa Thurlow has the story.

"It's been several years now, so we're really excited that we got that little bit of snow that was just enough to keep the trails nice," said Dawn Willard-Robinson of the Pine Tree Camp.

The weather hasn't been too kind to snowmobilers in years past, but this season is a different story.

On Saturday, a group suited up for the 45th Annual Dysart's snowmobile Ride to benefit Pine Tree Camp.

But, this isn't your typical snowmobile ride.

"Every $50 we raise, one of the celebrity riders has to wear an egg in their suit," explained Willard-Robinson.

After collecting donations for the past few weeks, celebrity riders filled their coats with hundreds of raw eggs to take them on a ride from Levant to Newport.

Riders say even though the ride is messy, it's all worth it.

"Pine Tree Camp has been around since 1945 and we have never turned anyone away based on their inability to pay, so we do fundraisers like we are doing today to help offset those costs," said Willard-Robinson.

Pine Tree Camp is a summer outlet for children with disabilities.

"The spirit of that camp is just unbelievable and it's just something that I thoroughly enjoy doing and actually my whole family gets behind it, and thoroughly enjoys supporting," explained celebrity rider, Amy Judson.

The goal of the ride is to raise enough funds to offer free tuition to as many campers as possible.

"Going to camp and seeing the joy on the faces of the campers every year is what really brings it full circle, and you know you're doing a good thing," said Judson.

Of course, all those donations make for a messy ride, especially for first-time riders, but they say it's a joy to see how this event comes together year after year.

"I'm always amazed at the generosity of the people in the state of Maine, really. Anytime we do any event or need anything at camp, everyone just shows up and pull together, and does what we need them to do," said Willard-Robinson.