Ribbon Cutting for new MDI Bio Lab Building

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BAR HARBOR, Maine (WABI) Last July, MDI Biological Laboratory broke ground on the Maine Center for Biomedical Innovation. One year later, folks at the lab celebrated a ribbon cutting.

“The Maine Center for Biomedical Innovation is really focused very heavily on trying to develop a large economic sector in the state of Maine that's driven by a high value science and technology commercialization efforts,” said Kevin Strange, President of the MDI Biological Laboratory.

The building consists of more lab space as well as classroom which will free up room for more research. The building also serves as an incubator for scientific startup companies.

“We provide lots of education both for STEM students, Maine scientists and engineers, as well as the CEO's of startup companies,” said Strange.

“It was perfect with what we needed,” said Michael Kagan of Coagulation Sciences, a company using the lab as an incubator. “Not just the laboratory space, but the core infrastructure, the core laboratory here allows me to do work without having to duplicate thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment.”

By hosting new companies, folks at the MDI Bio Lab hope to provide more opportunities for their students, as well as promote economic growth for the region.

“We're hoping that by incubating these companies and being involved in other initiatives around the state that we will be creating more and more opportunities so that students have a place to take their training and maybe stay employed here in the state of Maine,” said Director of Education Jane Disney.

“We've got to be training students so they are prepared to live in a world where change is the norm,” said Strange. “Not stability. Change.”