Researchers say spoilers aren't all rotten

Published: Aug. 17, 2019 at 8:29 AM EDT
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When it comes to spoilers for shows and movies, researchers at the University of Maine say they aren't all that rotten after all.

A spoiler is defined as “information that ruins a plot of a show or movie and ruins the viewer's surprise.”

They have found that some actually enjoy the fact they know what is coming and are in "control" of their emotions.

We are told they have also found it depends on the genre and personality of the viewer.

"Spoilers are not universally bad. It really depends on so many factors including what you take away from movies,” explained Judith Rosenbaum of the University of Maine. “Why are you watching a movie,? Why are you a television show? How invested are you in the characters? How much do you care? How many emotions do you have riding on the outcome of this show? That's really a much more determining factor in really if spoilers are really going to ruin your enjoyment over anything else."

Overall, the study shows that spoilers have a small effect on audience responses to them.