UPDATE: Republicans show support for Shawn Moody at rally in Augusta

AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - Maine Republicans are getting behind their candidate for governor.

A rally was held at the State House Tuesday for Shawn Moody.

It included his opponents who he beat by a majority vote last Tuesday.

Garrett Mason, Mary Mayhew, and Ken Fredette all say they will support Moody for governor.

We spoke with Moody after the rally.

"I feel like we've got a strong message for the state of Maine, for the people of Maine. You know, the people of Maine are kind of tired of getting by. They want to get ahead, you know, and I think if there's anything I'm evidence of is, you know, starting from scratch and getting ahead, and I want to use all the tools, all the resources and all the knowledge I've acquired to help Mariners get ahead. That's our goal."

The head of the Maine Democratic Party said today Shawn Moody as governor would be another four years of Paul LePage, and it's time for a new direction for Maine.

We spoke with Governor LePage who says, "I think he should be the next Governor. I think without a doubt. He's a business man, he's far less aggressive than I am from a personality point of view. I'm the guy who had to come in and make the original change. We've got it on the right track. I think he can come in and make it 10 times better. I think he's my guy all the way."

It is still unclear due to the ranked-choice voting tabulations which democratic gubernatorial candidate will take on Moody in the November election.