Remember to never overexert while shoveling

Published: Feb. 7, 2020 at 5:21 PM EST
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Winter in Maine, at times, can be very strenuous on the body.

Shoveling snow is a great example.

It can be a problem for some folks, especially if you have heart disease or high blood pressure.

Follow your doctor's guidelines in those situations.

"We never want to go from a sedentary lifestyle to exerting ourselves without first building up. So, shoveling snow is one of those classic symptoms where maybe you're not doing a lot of stuff week in and week out, then you go outside and shoveling snow is a pretty good workout. If your body is not able to handle that, then parts of your body could start shutting down, ways like, you can have a heart attack," said Dr. Michael Melia, Chief of Emergency Medicine, Northern Light EMMC

It might be a good idea to stretch a little before starting, too.

Also, push the snow instead of lifting - and take lighter loads.