Red Cross has critical need for blood due COVID-19

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - There's a dire need for blood.

Staff at the Red Cross in Bangor tell us they are critically low.

That's the case around the country with around 6,000 blood drives cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns which means a major shortage of blood.

"There is not enough blood. on the shelves or ready to go if there's an accident or an emergency, a surgery or for cancer patients who need treatment," says Caroline King, Executive Director of the Northern and Eastern American Red Cross in Maine.

"Right now, they're taking your temperature first. You're going in, then you're signing up. I've done it before, so I have a donor card, so they just scan that so it's pretty easy. I read through some materials and then I go in and then they take my blood," says Emily Armour, volunteer and donor.

They say they are taking extra precautions for donors.

Like spacing people out and making sure there is extra cleaning always happening.

They ask that you make an appointment before donating.