Reconfigured Orrington Select Board searches for new town manager

ORRINGTON, Maine (WABI) - After have two town managers quit in a 6 month span Orrington's reconfigured Select Board met Friday afternoon.

It's the first time they've met since the board chair resigned this week.

Keith Bowden announced he'd be stepping down on Tuesday night, but remain on the board.

That after a group of residents initiated a recall petition for Bowden and fellow board member Mike Curtis.

The petitions called the pair disruptive and power hungry.

Alan Snell will serve as chair moving forward.

Bowden said he hoped the move would alleviate some of the issues the town had been dealing with.

Friday's meeting was to interview two candidates for the vacant town manager position - and start the process of moving forward...

"I think all of us are hoping that all of the negativity is going to be kind of absorbed," said Town Clerk Susan Carson. "We have seen some coming together of people. We have seen some positive attitudes, changes in attitudes. It does seem the people overall have...and the board included, have the town's people's concerns at heart."

The hope is that a new town manager could start as soon as possible.

The town clerk said that as far as she knows the petitions for recall are still moving forward.