Rebates doubled for high-efficiency heat pump installations

Published: Jan. 3, 2020 at 5:49 PM EST
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"This area here, the whole area of it was a garage at one time but too small for either of my vehicles."

David Bean converted part of the garage at his Corinth home into an office space.

"But it was cool out here. Even with that door open, it would get cool. I had an electric heater, but it was expensive."

A few years ago, he took advantage of an available rebate and contracted Dave's World to install a heat pump. Matthew Scott is the company's vice president.

"He has a 9000btu heat pump that is servicing this room and then also helping the heat load in the home. A heat pump is just that. It transports heat from one place to another."

Providing both heating and cooling to David's office, the heat pump was a cheaper solution than extending his existing heating solutions.

"It's worked very well. It heats this office very, very nicely." said David.

"Efficiency Maine has found that you save about 40% when using a heat pump."

Governor Mills signed a bill last June that set a goal to increase the use of high-efficiency heat pumps in the state.

"Her initiative is 100,000 more heat pumps in Maine installed by 2025, so this is part of that push. Doubling that rebate to incentivize people to buy."

Now rebates up to $1000 for the first unit and $500 for the second are available if the installation meets certain criteria.

"Available now and I would take advantage of it. I've never seen a rebate this good."

Matthew says Dave's World did installations for 2,300 homes last year and expect that number to increase in 2020.

"Eventually, everybody will have one. It's the future. It's cheaper to move heat than to create it."

Joined by clean energy advocates, educators, and heat pump installers, Governor Janet Mills today signed LD 1766 “An Act...

Posted by Efficiency Maine on Friday, June 14, 2019