Readfield community heating program needs your help

READFIELD, Maine (WABI) - Readfield residents may be able to get a new form of help in heating their homes this winter.

"This is I think a great way for our community to come together, work together, and provide a benefit for those in need," said Readfield Town Manager, Eric Dyer.

Readfield town officials are looking for help, cutting wood.

"We have quite of bit of work to do, so people can help feed the people who are sawing, and people can help clear the wood that has been sawn," said Dyer.

To help heat homes this winter, officials are looking for volunteers to cut and split logs at the transfer station.

The wood will be distributed to residents through the town's heating program.

Town Manager Eric Dyer says while the program already in place does help those less fortunate, it can be difficult to access due to specific income limits.

By getting volunteers together, he hopes they can help those who are out of work or facing other difficult circumstances.

"Many people in town burn wood still, and it's also a skill that many folks in town have the ability to cut up wood, and I think it's going to be a good match," explained Dyer.

The goal is to cut enough to produce several cords of wood.

"Once it is off to the side, we will come back next Sunday and work in the other direction," said Dyer. "We will be moving it from the split pile to the splitter, and then having it split. So, for folks interested in donating their log splitter for a day, that's going to be a huge help next Sunday."

Dyer asks that volunteers contact the town office for details regarding what equipment to bring as personal protective equipment is a must.

Anyone can help out with this project, and Dyer says he knows this will pay off for their neighbors in the months to come.

Folks will be at the transfer station off North Road from 10:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m. Sunday.

If you would like to help out call the town office at 685-4939.

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