Rapper DMX gives back to Ellsworth family

Published: Sep. 2, 2019 at 6:29 PM EDT
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We shared photos over the weekend of a memorable back-to-school shopping trip for an Ellsworth family.

We caught up with Nikki Cutchens and her daughter, Grace, who were shopping at Maine Mall over the weekend.

They say they were looking for shoes and stopped at Journey's.

They were in line when the person at the register next to them asked to buy their shoes for them.

That, someone, was rapper DMX.

He told them he was blessed to have 15 children and wanted them to be blessed.

Grace Firley, said, "I was actually having a really hard time picking out shoes, like, I could not figure out which ones I wanted, and then we went in that store, and I found the shoes that I wanted, and we just happened to go pay for them and it happened. They're technically his shoes. That's what I'm going to say. I have DMX's shoes."

Nikki Cutchens, said, "I guess you feel lucky, you know? We really got this special moment that not many people get, and he saved me a little money on school shoes, so I can't argue with that. We are totally grateful."

Grace is starting seventh grade at Ellsworth Middle School Tuesday.

DMX also bought her sister's shoes.

She goes to college in Portland.

The rapper performed at a concert in Westbrook later that night.