Ranked-choice voting tabulation expected to begin Wednesday

AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - A week after the polls closed and still some results are not known from primary election day in Maine.

Officials say they expect it will be Wednesday when they begin to determine the democratic candidates for congress in Maine's second district and for governor.

Tuesday we learned there was a data processing error which has set back the final results of the ranked-choice voting.

We're told officials scrambled to get the results from the remaining towns Tuesday.

Because there initially was no clear majority winner among the democratic candidates for governor and the second congressional seat ballots have been collected and delivered from municipalities to election workers in augusta and run through machines to upload results.

We spoke with Secretary of State Matt Dunlap about the process and the candidates awaiting results.

"We hear from them and their representatives. They just want to know where things are and they're curious about where things are in the process. Haven't heard much in the way of anxiety about it in anyway so it seems like this is something people seem to be developing some confidence in. I think it's gone well enough and we've been able to anticipate some of the things that we weren't sure were going to emerge that we were able to deal with them when it happens."

With ranked-choice elections, voters rank candidates from first to last on the ballot, and a candidate who collects a majority of the vote wins.

We're told once the tabulation process begins it will only take seconds to figure out the results.

If there's no majority, then losing candidates are eliminated and votes are reallocated in additional rounds of tabulations.