Ranked-Choice Voting Supporters Collect Petition Signatures in Brewer

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BREWER, ME. (WABI) - Ranked-choice voting supporters continued their efforts on Sunday on Allison Park in Brewer.

They went from door to door to collect petition signatures in the hopes of a referendum do-over.

The system would let voters rank candidates in order of preference as well as ensure winners achieve majorities.

Petitioners say they need 61-thousand votes to stop the legislator, and they hope by going door to door it is easier for folks to have their voices heard.

“We already know a lot of people in Maine support this, because it did pass with a very clear majority, and those people are ready and willing to sign as long as they can find someone to do that. So, we're just trying to make it easier for them to show us that they do indeed want rank choice voting. To show our government that."

If supporters succeed at their efforts to get their signatures, ranked-choice voting could be used for primaries and federal races.

They will have until February 5th to gather enough signatures to stop lawmakers from delaying the voting system.