Ranked Choice Voting Campaign Submits 80,000 Signatures for People's Veto

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AUGUSTA, Maine. (WABI) The effort to get Ranked Choice Voting in Maine got a boost Friday.

A petition with 80,000 signatures was turned in with the goal being to restore the voting system approved by Mainers at the polls in 2016.

Mane became the first state to adopt the election overhaul, which lets voters rank candidates by preference.

But state lawmakers delayed the system and repealed the law when Maine's Supreme Court raised constitutional concerns.

The petition is for a People's Veto to clear the way for Ranked Choice Voting.

If the signatures are validated by the Secretary of State's Office, Mainers will vote on the issue in June.

"They thought that even if we tried to fight back, 'golly gee, it's wintertime in Maine. Good luck getting those signatures.' They thought we'd never succeed in getting 61,123 signatures in the dead of winter. Boy, did they underestimate you," said RCV Campaign Manager Kyle Bailey to a crowd of supporters.

Supporters say this is the first time in Maine history that a People's Veto was invoked to preserve a citizen-initiated law.

Bailey says that upon signature submission, RCV implementation must begin.

But a roll-out of Ranked Choice Voting this year would likely face legal challenges.