RSU 22 officials find way to make up snow day

HAMPDEN, Maine (WABI) - The Hampden area school district came up with a way to make up a snow day.

RSU 22 officials say they've had five snow days this year.

That's one too many, especially for Hampden Academy seniors who needed to make up a day to be able to graduate on time.

So, they decided to extend the school day at the high school this week.

Other options considered included school on Saturday.

"We did feel as though a Saturday or using a vacation day during April vacation would not be as palatable to the students or family, so we went ahead with this system," said Regan Nickels, Assistant Superintendent for Business.

Students at the middle and elementary schools will go to school at the normal times and make up for the day in different ways.

RSU 22 middle school students will have minutes added to certain classes within the regular school day this week, and they've added some extra activites and assemblies for elementary school students.