RSU 19 budget will not include school resource officer

NEWPORT, Maine (WABI) - The RSU 19 budget will not include money for a School Resource Officer.

The district's budget committee meeting Tuesday evening at Nokomis Regional High School and voting to move forward without funding for an SRO.

Next year a new building will open for high school and middle school students in Newport and it's surrounding communities.

There were some in RSU 19 that felt that the on campus officer was very important, however, the decision was made to leave it off this year's budget.

"Because we don't know what the absolute function of an SRO will be we'd like to put an ad hoc committee together and study it over the next year," said RSU 19 Superintendent Mike Hammer. "Hours of operation, coverage, role within the school, role within the greater district potentially and then put it in next years budget."

"I am so disappointed," said Vickie Witham, a grandparent of RSU 19 students. "I just have no other words other than disappointed. I researched and there was other board members that felt the same way I did, I know they did. At the last board meeting and then last night and after this, OK. I just hope something doesn't happen, but I will not give up."

The RSU 19 School Board will vote on the budget on May 28th.

A district wide referendum on the budget will follow on June 11th.