Quarantine to 'Quaran-clean:' Air quality in Maine continues to get better during Pandemic

Published: May. 4, 2020 at 6:29 PM EDT
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While the coronavirus is wreaking havoc on human health and well-being. The same can't be said for mother Earth.

Quarantine has become quaran-clean for the air quality across the state.

This week is Air Quality awareness week.

Maine's air quality is typically much better than other states.

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is projecting Maine's air quality will remain in the green which is good.

UMaine professor, Ivan Fernandez says, "The thing we see the most is the improvement in air quality in areas where we would see poor air quality such as urban areas and around the cities of Portland, Augusta, Lewiston and Bangor. Of course we're not the worst of the cities in the U.S. We generally have relatively good air quality and it has gotten better undoubtedly with coronavirus."

One of the other advantages pointed out is increased wildlife sightings.

As our footprint is decreased in areas across the state and wildlife populations begin to thaw out after our winter, sightings are up in places wildlife isn't normally seen.

To learn more about our state's air quality you can visit the Maine DEP website.