Puppy saved from icy water in Etna with lasso

ETNA, Maine (WABI) - A puppy saved from icy water Monday thanks to the quick response of Etna's Assistant Fire Chief.

Leroy Hall lives just down the road from Ruby.

Ruby is a 16 week old lab.

She was out playing in her backyard... Her owner said she went and called her dogs back inside, they all came - but no sign of Ruby.

There's a frozen pond in the backyard and Ruby went through the ice.

Her owner called 911, which Leroy heard come in..

So he sprang to action and luckily had his trusty rope with him...

"Dog was in the water and couldn't get out," said Hall. "He got up on the ice so he could rest but I had to lasso him. I took a rope then lassoed him after about the third try and pulled into shore . The dog is shaking all over and was wagging his tail and he was pretty happy to be on the ground again."

Ruby's owner said she gave her a bowl of warm chicken noodle soup and that seemed to do the trick...