Public transit system welcomes 5 new buses and $1.3 million dollar grant

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI)- It was Bus Rider Appreciation Day for riders, drivers, and community partners alike in Downtown Bangor.

Folks were able to get around Bangor on the Community Connection for free and take full advantage of Small Business Saturday.

Transportation for All was out celebrating the day with a raffle for commuters and also rally together support for improvements towards the public transit system.

Big news they’re happy to announce is the five brand new buses, and $1.3 million dollar grant the City of Bangor received to build a new transit center.

“It’s always nice to have something gifted to you,” says Darcy Cooke, an organizer. “It’s always nice to have something free period but money’s really tight for a lot of folks and it adds up financially. It’s a really nice thing I think to occasionally have a free day where people can go out and not have to worry about transportation.”

More improvements the riders and drivers hope to see are more hours and routes on weekends, as well as later hours for those who need to travel in the late evening.