Protestors Rally in Bangor Against Senate Tax Plan

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) Protestors were out in front of the Federal Building in Bangor today rallying against the tax plan that will soon be voted on in the U-S Senate.

Demonstrators say the plan benefits the top one percent and corporations.

But supporters of the bill say it will benefit lower and middle income working families.

Protestors say it's been shown these types of tax breaks don't help working families.

They urge Senator Susan Collins to vote against the bill.

Protestor Nathalie Arruda says, "We're appealing to not vote for this tax scam and to continue to support working class Mainers. This is not going to be something that will protect or benefit or support working class Mainers in any way and that is most of the people in the state of Maine."

Collins could be a key vote and has expressed concerns over the bill.

She says the part of the plan to repeal the individual health insurance mandate to raise revenues would actually increase premiums and offset any tax relief for middle income families.