Protecting Your Pets During Holiday Parties at Your House

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The holidays usually come with lots of get-togethers and parties.

Most pets are not use to all of the hub-bub, though, so it's best not to invite them, too.

Veterinarians say if you're having people over to your house, make sure your indoor cat stays indoors by putting it in place where it can't get out.

Considering doing the same with your dog, too.

Even though it may be friendly, too many unfamiliar people can be just too much.

Veterinarian Dr. John Benson of Bangor says, "Somebody who's not use to how to deal with a dog says, oh what a cute doggie and shoves their face right in the dog's face and the dog sees that as a threat and something nasty happens. So it's best to let the pets go sleep off in a quiet place when you're having a party at your house."

Veterinarians say it's also a good idea to let your guests know you have pets in the house in case anyone has allergies to animals.

Make sure dogs and cats have identification tags on them, too, in case they do get outside.

And when the party's over, clean up leftover food and take out the trash so your pets can't get into anything that could hurt them