Protect Your Pets from Holiday Dangers such as Foods and Ornaments

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - One of the best parts of the holidays is the food.

But that can also be one of the worst parts for your pets.

Veterinarians say even though it's tempting, avoid feeding your animals treats or making them a holiday plate with all of the fixings.

Fatty foods, like turkey skin and gravy, are particularly bad for them.

So are sweets and baked goods.

All those extra-rich foods can cause bloating, liver failure and pancreatitis in our pets.

Dr. John Benson of Bangor says, "Watch the foods so the animals don't get into them without your knowledge. These things are all important. Don't leave lots of chocolate out where dogs can get access to it because they love it. Depending on how much they get, it can be toxic to them."

Vets also say keep an eye out for ornaments and decorations your pets might try to eat.

Breakable ornaments can cause serious injuries.

Ornaments made out of salt-dough or other foods should be out of an animal's reach, too.

Flowers and festive plants, like poinsettias, can also be toxic to dogs and cats.