Proposed raise for Maine corrections officers on hold

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - A proposed raise for Maine's corrections officers is on hold, for now..

Governor Ron DeSantis wants more correctional officers. (Mitchell Haindfield / CC BY 2.0)

The Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety had a work session Friday on the bill that would give employees a 2 dollar raise.

They tabled, saying they needed more information about who would get the raises and how much money it would cost.

We spoke with the bill's sponsor who says the state deals with a great deal of turnover in these positions because the pay isn't competitive.

"The Department of Corrections is losing experienced officers to other companies," said Sen. Shenna Bellows. "Companies in the private sector like BIW that are offering high-paying jobs. When unemployment is just under 3% state wide we need to to do a better job of recruiting and retaining these vital workers."

A committee member told us it's likely the matter will be back before them next week.

It needs to clear the House and Senate before making it the Appropriations Committee.