Proposal would nearly double Maine governor's salary, boost legislator pay

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WMTW) - A proposal at the Maine State House would nearly double the governor's salary and increase the salaries of state lawmakers.

Courtesy: MGN Online

Similar proposals have failed to become law in previous legislative sessions.

The 2019 proposal, presented by Aroostook County Sen. Mike Carpenter, a Democrat, would increase the governor's salary from $70,000 a year to $125,000 a year.

It is cosponsored by Republican State Sen. Paul Davis, of Piscataquis County, and Senate President Troy Jackson, an Aroostook County Democrat.

The governor's salary has not changed since 1987. It is among the lowest in the United States.

The Maine Constitution prohibits a sitting governor from getting a salary increase, meaning if passed, the change would go into effect during the next gubernatorial term.

Last year, the Legislature's state and local government committee considered a proposal to boost the governor's salary to $150,000.

Lawmakers would receive a hefty raise as well under the plan being presented this year.

Legislators would have their salaries boosted from $14,862 to $20,000 for the first year of the biennium, and from $10,613 to $15,000 for the second year of the biennium.

The proposal includes an annual cost-of-living increase.