Proposal Would Ban Retirees Receiving Benefits from Returning to Work

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WMTW) - Lawmakers in Augusta heard testimony Tuesday about a proposal to ban retired state employees from returning to work while they're collecting retirement benefits.

A large piece of the conversation was teachers.

People in favor of the ban contend the current practice is draining retirement resources.

But those against the bill think it would limit the state's talent pool.

"When someone is drawing from the retirement system, while at the same time, still working," said bill sponsor Rep. Heidi Sampson of Alfred. "They are no longer still contributing to the system."

"Our associations oppose this bill because it is not in the best interest of students since it eliminates our flexibility to hire quality people when and where we need them," said Elieen King, Director of the Maine School Management Association.

The only exception for teachers would be if they're hired as "independent contractors" for less than a year or if they're hired as substitutes.