Professionals give advice for how to deal with childhood trauma after Clinton crash

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Talking to children about tragedies like the Clinton crash can be difficult.

Folks at Acadia Hospital in Bangor says it's okay for you to be emotional and honest with them when you do.

"And I think probably one of the most important tips that we give families, is to just be factual. Not to speak in figures of speeches, or euphemisms. For example, not to say oh they're sleeping and they're not going to wake up or they've gone to a better place. Concepts that kids may not understand," said Chris McLaughlin, Associate VP of Community and Pediatric Services at the hospital.

Mclaughlin adds that parents are much more capable then they think they are to address trauma with their child.

but they also shouldn't be afraid to seek professional help if they think it's needed.