Presque Isle city officials taking proactive approach when it comes to retail marijuana

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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WABI) - Presque Isle City Council is taking the proactive approach when it comes to the retail sale of marijuana.

City Councilor Craig Green says councilors voted this week to set a public hearing to discuss the creation of a marijuana ordinance. The ordinance would address issues such as where the retail sale of marijuana could take place within the city.

"The marijuana ordinance, basically what it amounts to is we are required, if we want to have any control whatsoever over the distribution, sale or anything to do with marijuana - under state law that we have an ordinance. And, then that delineates possibly how many places can be in your community, where they can be located in your community, how far apart each of them may be and, where they have to be away from those other things that we wouldn't want 'em, like near a school or maybe near a church or what have you," said Green.

In November 2016, Maine voters approved the recreational use, retail sale and taxation of marijuana, joining eight other states that had legalized the drug's use. Over the past three years, lawmakers worked to iron out the details for the recreational sales of marijuana. The Maine law took effect on September 19th, 2019.

A public hearing on the marijuana ordinance has been scheduled for 6 p.m. January 23rd in Council chambers at City Hall.