Preparing pooches to be in a wedding party

Published: Oct. 21, 2019 at 4:09 PM EDT
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Many consider their dogs a member of the family.

That's why a number of couples are now including pooches in the wedding party.

Joy Hollowell shows us how a kennel in Bangor is helping dogs *fur* the big day.

"Dogs are such a huge part of people's families now," says Janet Blanchard, owner of Carden Kennels in Bangor. "It's just common, people want their dog included in all of those special moments."

That includes the moment you say- I do. Carden Kennels in Bangor just recently started offering wedding day dog services. They've already participated in seven nuptials.

"Full grooming services, just a bath, whatever they need," explains Blanchard. "Dress them up. And we'll transport them to the wedding, provide the service the day of the wedding and bring them back."

And if you're wondering how much a pooch can be pampered, they'll even paint the pup's toes to match the bride or bridesmaids.

"Every wedding has been different," says Blanchard. "It's wonderful. We've had some weddings where the dogs are there for the first look photos. We have had one brave soul. He went down the aisle."

Mackenzie MacDougal helped to train Henry for his role as ring bearer. They arrived at the wedding venue early to test out the waters.

"Well, there's a pond in the back," explains MacDougal. "And they were like, no he'll be fine. And instantly, ran and bolted right into the pond. So he lost his position of ring bearer (laughs)."

While all eyes are supposed to be on the bridge, Henry managed to upstage his owner.

"Oh yeah, almost everybody came to say hi Henry, how are you, give him a good pat down, and then they went to their seats. So he was definitely very loved that day."

Wedding dog handlers will care for your critter during the entire service as well as the reception, if animals are allowed. After that, they'll take the dog back to the kennel while the happy owners honeymoon.

"Dogs coming to weddings has become a thing and a large thing. It's a beautiful thing."


For more information on wedding day dog services, you can contact Carden Kennels at 942-2161 or log onto

They will be at the Bangor Wedding Show in Bangor at the Cross Insurance Center.